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Preparing communities for complex change

Managing social & environmental issues
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No matter the industry or scope of operations, business is done on a global stage. Performance is judged by stakeholders and regulators, international standard-setters and lenders, and the court of public opinion.

Management Systems

Access to finance is important: we help you satisfy lender requirements.


In social & environmental performance assessments, we take a pragmatic approach to due-diligence requirements for funding, merger-and-acquisition processes and internal assessments.

Socially responsible security and community health

Voluntary Principles on Security & Human Rights. Conflict and human rights have become increasingly high-priority issues for natural resource companies.

Business is done on a global scale

When the world is watching, the costs of errors can be high.  Criticism can quickly mobilize around the world.

We help organizations around the globe

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We keep bad things from happening to good projects

Together with international funders, we support projects across key industries

Agriculture & forestry


Oil & gas




Land & mineral resources

Our workshops

International standards

Capacity building workshops on the EBRD’s Environmental, Health and Safety and Social Policies

Socially responsible security

Health and safety impacts of conflict, violence and human-rights issues linked to security operations

Online programs

Designed and developed to give professionals practical insights and advanced tools

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