Social Performance, Environmental and H&S Workshops


MFC builds capacity where you need it

MFC helps you build your team’s or local consultant’s ability to create the most effective social, environmental and health & safety programs, whether to international, regional or industry standards.

Using proven adult-education techniques and the latest in accessible technology — all you need is a laptop — we can deliver training virtually or online that will boost your investment in creating teams that can tackle your immediate problems or build ongoing programs that keep them from happening.


=> designed and delivered effective programs for dozens of enterprises across many sectors.

=> designed and delivered training to support capacity building for IFC staff to implement its Performance Standards in fragile and conflict zones.

=>¬†was a key member of the team that created the training and capacity-building programs for the World Bank’s new environmental and social performance framework.

=> designed and delivered the The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development’s (EBRD’s) 5-day training program that built regional consultants capacity on its¬†environmental, health and safety, and social (EHSS) policies, procedures and due diligence requirements, including project monitoring, including:

  • A summary of the International Financial Institution (IFI) banking and investment processes, clarifying the differences in the environmental and social requirements related to different investment types,
  • The legal mechanisms through which the EBRD and others IFIs agree on, covenant, and ensure actions that are designed to manage risk and drive compliance with their respective policies,
  • Sector-specific EHSS issues faced by IFI clients, and
  • Basic EHSS consulting skills, including the contracting requirements of the EBRD.



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