getting it done: a handbook on


The MFC Team

In an uncertain world, it just makes sense to reduce as many risks as we can. That way, we have a better chance of coping with unexpected events and achieving greater levels of success. We all want to be more resilient, in all aspects of our lives. 

Social issues don’t have to be a source of risk and uncertainty. Or, at least, not to the extent we’ve seen

This handbook removes much of that uncertainty. It outlines a pragmatic approach to managing social performance that a field team can employ, on the ground, in real time. It builds on accepted theory and helps outline what we really need to do to apply it.

MFC hopes to donate 20% of the proceeds from The Handbook to Widows and Rangers Fund for the Virunga National Park.


As in any relationship, social acceptance is not something that, once earned, continues forever.  It must nurtured to be maintained.