No matter the industry or scope of operations, business is done on a global stage. Performance is judged by stakeholders and regulators, international standard-setters and lenders, and the court of public opinion.

When the world is watching, the costs of errors can be high. Expectations continually evolve and criticism can quickly mobilize around the world; managing social issues requires specialist experience. MFC works globally with enterprises to build social acceptance, align company business objectives with community values and to prepare communities for complex change. We:

  • Review Environmental and Social Impact Assessments and management plans
  • Design and implement social performance and environmental management systems
  • Assess social performance and environmental systems
  • Design and implement Environmental Impact and Risk Assessments 
  • Integrate socially responsible security through the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights (VPSHR).

We help stakeholders in international projects share a vision for the future. Please read on about what we have done for our clients around the world, and what we can do for you.